Integrated Customer Analytics & Marketing Automation


Blend customer data sources to create a 360 degree view

Blend customer data sources
  • Connect data from everywhere to create a 360 degree customer view and empower marketing to analyze huge data volumes and make intelligent, agile marketing decisions.

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Gather customer intelligence using the visual, drag & drop UI

  • Ask unlimited data questions without any need for IT, spreadsheets or SQL analysts. Uncover patterns in customer behavior from day one, plus “out-of-the-box” RFM and LTV tools optimize segmentation and campaign selections.
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Train of Thought analysis


Multi-channel Marketing Automation & Real-time Personalization

Actionable insight

  • Turn insight into action! Combine proactive campaigns with triggered messages and real-time, personalization to optimize customer experiences. Integrate with leading ESPs, eCommerce platforms and digital technologies.
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Closed-Loop Response Analysis

  • Capture real-time behavioral data, responses, clickstreams, devices and all channels to enable marketing attribution, inform campaigns and build shareable reports across the organization. Easily integrate with any CMS/eCommerce as well as Gartner-leading BI tools.

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Closed-Loop Soultion


Request a Live Demonstration of blueANALYZER

screen-multi-campaignsWe can show you snippets of specific functionality or we can provide a full demo of the complete marketing solution including real-time personalization, campaign management, analytics and Single Customer View.

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